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Photo products

My studio is well known not only for its exceptional #service but also for the high end products. We are offering a big variety of #photo products included or added to your #photography packages. All products are made in the USA, the UK or Italy. We guarantee the quality and durability.

In the huge variety of products I choose for my clients only those I personally love.


Did you know that the prints can be not only printed on matte or glossy paper? The paper can also be metallic, silk, linen and many other types! There is also an #art paper, which gives your pictures that rough paper touch and archival quality printing..

The prints are available in ALL sizes. We deliver them either #matted (insert in the carton white or black mats - those white paper 'frames' you've seen inside the wooden frames before) or #mounted (placed on a thin wooden or foam board). We can also #frame them for you and deliver ready-to-hang.

I am proud of the numerous #family galleries that I've created for my clients - those galleries are now the pride and the heritage of the families and a beautiful part of their homes.


Canvas prints are classic interior wall prints, when the #photographs look like the paintings. #Canvas' texture gives the pictures that 'painterly look'. Canvas is very durable if printed properly and with good quality inks.

In my studio you won't see #stretched canvas (when canvas print is stretched on the wooden frame). I will offer you mounted canvas, when the canvas print is fully placed on a thin board. This kind of finishing gives canvas prints really #high-end look. You can get more details from the catalogue here (sizes in inches)


These are so contemporary and are so loved by the younger generation! The photos are literally printed on metal (matte or glossy) and can be either framed or placed as tabletops (can have an easel attached). They also can be curved - some futuristic design. Photographs on metal are bright, colorful and durable.


I personally love them. They give that feeling of volume, depth in the photographs and look really exquisite. Read more about them here


This is a classical way to keep the photographs and create your photo collections. Modern #albums are much more beautiful than those you've seen long time ago. We make albums on thick #photo paper, so the pages are hard and the colors are juicy. The standard album includes up to 25 photographs. The cover can be textile, leather, photo printed or combined. You choose the style and design you prefer. I always suggest albums for the wedding photographs or graduates' or kids, as a photo album is a perfect way to tell the story.


My always preference is a #photo wall - a beautiful collection of your favorite photographs which become a part of your home or office interior. You won't believe that it can be much more than some hanging pictures in simple frames.

What is important about wall #galleries they should be super well done in order to look beautiful, sophisticated and expensive. Thus, the prints for the wall displays are prepared in a certain way - I edit them differently, paying attention to every tiny detail, and I print them with protective coating. The frames are either custom-made or ready ones, always made of high quality materials (solid wood, metal, glass).

But not only #framed prints can nicely decorate your walls.

Look at these collage walls - how amazing they are!

These #collage walls are not just prints or posters. Each print is mounted on board. The 'wall' comes with all necessary hardware and detailed instructions to place it easily and correctly. Read more about this option here (sizes in feet)


In the age of digitals and clouds we are always at risk to loose those important things which are so dear to our hearts. In order to protect and keep our memories the photography industry is constantly offering the new products and services.

Think of a professional photography as of the way to write your history and bring that authenticity to your homes, which will always keep 'frozen' the moments that will never repeat and will not be lost.


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