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Want to be a photo model? Here are some tips!

Want to model? Like any other job photo modeling requires work, learning and investment.

Work: it’s not an easy-money job, you should be physically and emotionally fit. Sometimes commercial shoots last hours and the models change multiple outfits and stay in bright light. As a bonus - it’s well paid and often fun ))

Learning : you can be super fit and gorgeous but if you don’t learn to move nicely you can’t be successful in modeling field. The way you move your hands/head/legs matters. AND your ability to change the facial expression.

So, learning to act and dance is as important as your appearance.

Investment : 1. Take care of your body, face, hair and nails) It’s as clear as the sky but I’ve seen models who believe photoshop is supposed to do all that job for them) 2. Invest in good portfolio ! You can’t get a well paid job or any job at all if your portfolio is made of multiple bad photos taken with the mobile. Your proper photos and short videos are A MUST if you seriously want to work in this field. The clients go through dozens of portfolios - yours should be catchy !

In my studio you can book a Model Headshot shoot or a Model Portfolio shoot. Message for details or check my website’s Book Online page.

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