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What is a PHOTOSHOOT (Photo Session)

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

What do we know about photographers and their services? Well, #weddings, passports, #graduation maybe. Or maybe taking a couple of #family portraits in the nearest photo studio? None of these can be called a #photoshoot.

A photoshoot is a process, which is planned and prepared and takes some time. When you, together with a #photographer, choose the idea and the style of your future #photographs. The photographer makes a series of #images, these images will be different in #posing, expression, emotion, #lighting, outfit, location, styling. So as a result you will get really different photographs that you can use with different purpose. Holding photoshoots is a complex task which not every photographer can manage.

The photoshoots can be in the studio or on #location. The duration can be different, usually from 30 min and more, depending on the #idea of the photoshoot and number of the participants.

This is how we make it in my #studio in #Amman.

  1. Pre-shoot #consultation (online or offline). We discuss the idea, outfits for all the participants, #styling, the final result.

  2. We pick up the #outfits together or make them for you.

  3. The day of the photoshoot is always a celebration! You come to the studio to enjoy it, so the team is ready to pamper you) We prepare fruits and sweets and soft drinks. We create the relaxing atmosphere for you to feel comfortable. My studio is spacious enough and there is everything there for your #comfort.

  4. There are only the best #makeup artists and #stylists in my #team who can create anything you wish: this is you who choose the style and intensity of the makeup. You can have 'makeup no makeup' look or complete #makeover. Or both)) Well, when you start changing outfits and looks it will be difficult to stop you, believe me!))

  5. During the photoshoot you will change different outfits and the stylist will adjust your makeup and hair as planned before.

  6. We will take breaks, have snacks and just chat).

I want you to feel comfortable in front of the #camera. I am well-trained and experienced #portrait photographer, that means my strength is in #photographing people. Different #people. Regardless the #age, #complexion or sex. I will delicately direct you in #posing, the way that you will feel like a #professional photo #model. And trust me, you will look gorgeous!

Non-photogenic people DO NOT exist. There are good or bad photographers. We will begin with the phrase: relax, be yourself. I don't want you to pose or worry if you look good. I don't want you to smile if you don't feel like you want to. I want you to be you, as you are. And you are beautiful and unique. Let me just mirror it in the pictures.

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