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A choice of clothes for any photoshoot is a critical factor - not less important than a choice of a photographer! A professional photographer will for sure give you proper recommendations, depending on the shoot’s idea, style, place, etc. But there are common rules which are always good to follow, even if you photograph your family with your mobile, by yourself.


1. Make sure the clothes style of different participants is matching. It’s not necessarily to have an absolute match (though ‘family looks’ are so much in trend), but having half of the family in sport look and half in the suits will not make the photo nicer. The easiest way to match the looks is to shop all outfits from the same store.

2. Colors match is also important. It doesn’t mean the same color for everyone, but they should go nicely together (you can use the Color Wheel for that). Warm colors are always nicer than cold. Start with choosing a pallet of 3-4 colors: earth tones, blues, pastels, etc. If the pictures are taken in your home - pay attention to the colors around and balance your outfits to the colors of the room.

3. Solid colors are the best. The exception - TEENS and little KIDS. Let the teens to select their outfits by themselves and express themselves the way they want - their confidence and feeling good in the photos worth. You can also dress up the youngest family member in the brightest outfit and make him the centre of the family portrait.

4. Choose light colors which are refreshing.

5. Turtleneck or V-neck makes your neckline look slim and long.

6. Jeans are always photogenic.

7. Layers will always take the casual photos to the ‘fashion’ level.

8. Consider professional makeup. Even if it’s ‘makeup no makeup’ look - the makeup artist will make your skin look healthy in bright photo lights.


1. Big prints will take attention from the faces.

2. Avoid too bright colors not to get a color cast to your skin. Muted colors are preferable.

3. Don’t forget about the shoes.

4. Too many accessories is never good.

5. Wide neckline make your shoulders look wider and neck shorter

6. White or black head-to-toes looks are good for certain genres, but require the certain atmosphere, light and idea in the photos - discuss it with the photographer.

Final tips:

- I always recommend to start picking up the family outfits from the Mother’s dress) I am sure every woman has the dress she prefers for the family portrait and all the other family members are easier to match.

- After you selected the outfits for every family member lay them out on the bed, everything, including accessories and shoes and have a look again if you like how they look together.

- Always ask your photographer for advice.

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