When you choose me to be your photographer you guaranteed get high-end products and service. I am a qualified, experienced, award-winning photographer and I can photograph any person nicely. My team - make up artists, hairdressers, stylists, retouchers are among the best in their industries.


Your photos will be not only perfect technically but also perfect in posing, styling and in every other detail which makes a photo great without doubt.

The duration of the photoshoot depends on the number of participants and outfits. My studio is all for YOU in the day of the shoot, we are never in a rush, for you to feel relaxed, to enjoy this unforgettable experience and to get your best photographs ever.

The packages are tailored according to your request, we will discuss it at the consultation. It's completely UP TO YOU how much you spend - someone spends 300 JD others 3000 JD.

For each photoshoot I edit 25-30 best photographs. You choose, buy and get only those that you love. But I promise that you will love all of them)


As a professional, I want you to have not only digital but also printed products. So, my every client gets top level printed photographs or photo products, which I make in Italy, the UK and the USA: photo prints, albums, wall framed prints, acrylic and metal prints, canvas prints - the options are unlimited and the cost of 'only digitals' and 'digitals with prints' is the same - I don't charge you extra for the printed products!

Here's a short brief to pricing:

- a session deposit 300 JOD (for studio and selected locations only) covers your session cost, paid in the day of the shoot or in advance, and it's your credit towards any digital or printed photographs. 

- from 60 JOD per image (digital+printed+its black-and-white copy)

- from 200 JOD per wall portrait (sizes from 30*40 cm, unframed or framed)

- 'digitals only' are available in some packages. 

In short: you can deposit the minimal amount of 300 JD, get a full format photoshoot and take 1-5 photos or upgrade to a bigger package when you see the ready photographs. So, you are safe.


PACKAGES from 490 JOD (

There are PAYMENT PLANS offered, so you can always fit the cost to your budget.

NOTE: commercial photo sessions (for businesses) can be priced per product or per hour or per day. Please contact me for quotation.

Book your ZOOM one-to-one video consultation to get all your questions answered.