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BEAUTY photography VS PORTRAIT photography

BEAUTY photography is another genre, which differs from the portraiture in many ways.

The main difference is in MEANING. #Beauty photography is mostly about #makeup or skin and the model is a kind of canvas to demonstrate it. The personality, feelings and emotions of a model doesn't matter for the majority of beauty shots. And the model's face can be changed significantly to meet the 'beauty standards', so it's often difficult to recognise a woman in a model.

Different equipment and techniques are used: lenses, angles, lighting. For beauty shots I use harsh light and often 2-3 lights, in order to show the textures and details better. Though in #portraiture the light is usually much softer. However I use 2 - 3 lights for the portraits often, when i want to create more 'fashion' look or to get a certain artistic effect.

Another important difference is in #EDITING. As I mentioned before editing of the beauty shots is made according to the common standards of beauty, when skin and even face features can be changed, often significantly. This is the reason why the most beauty #models look very alike in the photographs. From this point of view beauty editing is not appropriate for portraits, where we aim to show individuality and original features. Also, in portraiture the expression and emotions in the eyes are the most important which is usually lost in beauty shots.

So, BEAUTY #photography is a genre in #commercial photography and it's about products or services. PORTRAITURE is personal, it's about a person, emotions, feelings, connections.

Both genres are artistic. They can be combined and this is what I'm bringing into my works: a perfect blend of #portraiture, #beauty and #fashion photography.

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