7-days online photo marathon

7-days online photo marathon


See the course presentation here 


This is a unique online course which combines both theory and practice! Plus, you are getting a personal mentoring! Perfect for those who wants to boost their photography skills in mobile or digital photography.


You don't need any knowledge in photography (other then switching your camera on)). There will be just 7 steps to your feeling confident in taking nice pictures!


You will run the marathon with a group in WhatsApp. 

Day 1 - You will get the recording of the 'Basics of photography' class

Days 2-7 - I will send you a detailed information on one of the aspects of photography (light, composition etc.) in text and/or video files and a task. You learn the theory first, complete the task, post it in the group and I give you a review. 


At the end of the course your pictures quality will significantly change to the better!


NOTE:  there's one side effect noticed in every group - you will become addictive to photography and creation)) 





You can also purchase this course with 'open date' option. In this case we will notify you about every coming group and you will be able to choose the date.


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