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Getting ready for the photoshoot

How to get ready for a photo shoot? What to prepare/bring? Which clothes to choose?

We discuss all the details at the pre-shoot #consultation. There are also some other nuances which are rarely asked about but they are not less important, such as: ironing, nails, accessories, shoes, etc..

#MAKE-UP: Get your hair and #makeup done by a professional or make it your way - it's up to you. Not having “every day” hair and makeup will make you feel SO beautiful and really enhance your images. If you have #styling in the studio make sure your hair is clean and dry and your face is makeup-free. If you prefer your own makeup search for the advices regarding makeup for the #photoshoots as it will be different from the ordinary one.

#WARDROBE: Our photo #sessions include clothing changes. I will see you before the session to help you with the outfits’ choice. You can also choose any clothes from my #studio wardrobe. Please wear beige/nude underwear.

#NAILS: Your hands will be in the #photos. Make sure you don't have chipped polish. We

recommend going with a neutral nail color that will match all your outfits.

#ACCESSORIES: When planning your outfits, don’t forget to plan #accessories. Bring those which are your favourites and we’ll look for the way to include them to your #photoshoot.

#SHAVING: Guys please make sure to come with a clean shave the day of your photos.

Ladies remove the hair you don’t want to be shown in the pictures at least 2 days before the shoot.

#SPRAY TAN: If you are planning to get a spray #tan PLEASE exfoliate well and do a trial before our photo day. Any stripes or stains will show off in the pictures and will require extra paid retouch.

My best advice - skip the spray tan all together.

#IRONING: I know... it's probably your least favorite thing to do but, do it anyway. All your clothes need to be ironed and pressed for your shoot. The wrinkles will show up in your final images.

MOST PATTERNS are actually OK... however, graphics are not favorable for photos to my personal preferences. If you’re wearing a pattern, make sure it’s not overwhelming and distracting.

GATHER AND CLEAN #PROPS: Musical instruments/cars/bikes should be shiny. If you’re including a pet, give it a bath)

BE ON TIME: The later you arrive, the less time we have to enjoy the process and to get the best photographs.. And nobody wants that)

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